How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

How to Use CBD Oil for Cats

How to Use CBD Oil For Cats

The use of CBD has become quite popular with people due to the various health benefits that it’s able to offer. Though aside from using it to humans, it can also be administered to pets like cats. 

Every cat owner’s main concern is for the well being of their pets and with the help of CBD, they’ll be able to help their cat stay healthy. 

Here we’ll show you the effects of CBD oil to your cat and how it’s able to help them.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds that can be extracted from a cannabis plant. It can be used in various ways and it’s mainly consumed due to the many health benefits that it’s able to offer.

They usually sell this in an oil-based form in order for everyone to be able to easily use it.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Although CBD Oil has already shown that it’s completely safe to be consumed by humans, there hasn’t been any research done to cats yet. There also aren’t any regulations implemented yet on the product so it’s important to choose the best CBD Oil to give to your cat.

It’s also best to talk to your local veterinarian regarding the usage of CBD Oil to your pet.

Benefits of Using CBD Oil to Cats

One of the reasons that some pet owners want to give their cats CBD Oil is that it offers a lot of health benefits to them. 

It’s able to relieve their cats from any swelling or pain they may have, help cats who are suffering from anxiety to relax, and even reduce the chances of cats suffering from seizures.

It’s also used to improve the skin and coat condition of cats who are having allergies and skin conditions.

Administering CBD Oil to Cats

CBD should be given to cats daily at least every eight hours. This should be part of their daily health regimen in order for them to get the full positive effects of the chemical.

They can be administered by adding CBD into their food or give them CBD treats to make it more convenient for them.

Proper Dosage

The use of CBD Oil is still not regulated by any governing bodies so there still aren’t official dosage guidelines. 

Though there are several trusted companies that have made a clear mark on the regular dosage amount so you can control the amount of CBD that you give to your cat. A regular dose will be 0.25mg for every lb.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

The use of CBD to cats is said to be completely safe but it’s important to always ask your local vet before administering it to your cat’s daily regimen. 


If you’re planning on using CBD Oil to improve your pet’s health and wellness, then hopefully this article has given you enough information about CBD.

Although there’s still a lot of doubts regarding the use of cannabis products, they’ve already proven themselves to be completely safe and effective.